Christine Everhart
Real name: Christine Everhart





Gender - Male
Height - 5'10
Weight - 110 lbs
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Blonde

Portrayed by:

Leslie Bibb


Iron Man
Iron Man 2

Christine Everhart is a reporter for the Vanity Fair Magazine.

She has a love interest in Tony Stark sharing a bried romance before he left for Afghanistan where he was injured. She provided him with information on the Ten Rings where he made his first appearance as Iron Man.


Iron ManEdit

Everhart appeared to Tony Stark when he was leaving a casino in Las Vegas after receiving an award. She asked him what he thought of what his weapons was causing around the world. He managed to seduce her and took her back to his house in Malibu sleeping together. Tony left to go and work on his Hot Rod and got Pepper Potts to escort Christine out of the house with a car to take her home. She later appeared at his annual fundraiser with pictures of the terrorists Ten Rings in the town of Guymira in Afghanistan with Jericho Missiles supplied by Stark Industries that Stark didn't know about.

Iron Man 2Edit

Christine accompanies Industrialist Justin Hammer to a race in Monte Carlo at the Monaco race track. They are in the bar when Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Natalie Rushman and Happy Hogan arrive. Christine wants to get the scoop on Pepper being promoted to CEO of Stark Industries as well as Tony's first meeting with Justin Hammer since the congress meeting. Christine wants to interview Stark and Pepper but they blow her off and interviews Hammer who wants to talk about himself instead of Stark so Christine blows "him" off for the race starting.