Iron Man Mark I
Creator: Tony Stark
Brand: Iron Man




On board weapons


Colour - Grey
Height - 6'2


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Iron Man Mark I is the first Iron Man suit built by Tony Stark. Built as his escape from captivity in Afghanistan, it was recovered by the Ten Rings and is the basis for the Iron Monger armor.


This is the very first Iron Man suit ever built. In a life changing moment, Tony Stark is attacked and captured by the Ten Rings. While being held captive, Tony is forced to build a weapon of mass destruction for them. With the help of Yinsen, Tony builds the Mark I suit instead and uses it to escape. However, when he flies out of the Ten Ring's base, the suit disintegrates upon crash-landing. Tony leaves the pieces behind as he makes his way back to civilization. He stores data on this suit in his private network while he further refined his design of the armor. However, the Ten Rings salvaged the Mark I pieces. Their leader, Raza, determined that with a dozen of these "iron soldiers" could rule all of Asia. He contacted his collaborator, Obadiah Stane, to ask for mass production of that armor but Stane instead paralyzed Raza, killed his men and then took the Mark I armor to be reverse-engineered into a more powerful suit, the Iron Monger armor. The Mark I was stored under Section 12, where the arc reactor was located.

When Pepper Potts brought a number of SHIELD agents to arrest Obadiah, they found the Mark I, which they presume to be the armor that Stane was creating.

The Mark I was on display in Stark's workshop along with the Iron Man Mark II, the damaged Mark III and the Mark IV. It was also seen when Rhodey stole the Mark II to give to the United States Armed Forces.



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