Mark V
Iron Man Mark V
Creator: Tony Stark
Brand: Iron Man




On board weapons


Colour - Red/Silver
Height - 6'2


Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3

Iron Man Mark V is the fith Iron Man suit designed and built by Tony Stark. It differs from the other Iron Man Marks as this is a special edition that is designed to fold out from a conventional suitcase look to the familiar humanoid shape.


The MK V armor is a man-portable Iron Man armor with two states; a compact red suitcase, and a red and silver battlesuit. The transformation from case to armor can be achieved in seconds with Tony Stark opening the case and locking his hands into grips that reform into gauntlets, then stepping into the open case triggering the rest of the unit to separate and reform around him. The resulting battle suit is considerably weaker than the other Stark armors, lacking their range of weapon systems and flight capability, but has the advantage of being a readily accessible emergency backup.

The lightweight design makes the MK V impractical for large scale battles, although it did prove sufficient to beat Ivan Vanko on the Monaco Grand Prix racetrack. In this encounter, Tony was participating in the race when Vanko ambushed him on the track using a weapon system powered by an arc reactor of his own. Stark's friend and employee, Harold Hogan had been left with the armor for safekeeping and burst onto the track to aid Stark. After some initial difficulties in acquiring it in the scuffle, Stark was able to don the armor and use it to defeat Vanko.



  • In the comics, Tony Stark had a suitcase Iron Man suit which he carried around with him. The Mark V is based on the suitcase suit.

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