Ivan Vanko
Real name: Ivan Vanko
Aliases: wiplash




Anton Vanko (father)


Gender - Male
Height - 6'0
Weight - 175 lbs
Eyes - Green
Hair - Grey

Portrayed by:

Mickey Rourke


Iron Man 2

Ivan Vanko is a russian inventor and the son of scientist Anton Vanko.

He built himself an Arc Reactor and also a sort of half suit wired up to two electrical whips. He attacks Tony Stark while he is in Monaco racing posing as a stewart and chops Stark's car in half with his whips. Tony uses his portable Iron Man Mark V and eventually defeats Vanko. He is then inprisoned but is released by Justin Hammer who employs him to refine his Iron Droids that he has created based on Iron Man.


Earlier LifeEdit

Iron Man 2Edit




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