Real name: Raza
Aliases: Raza





Gender - Male
Height - 5'12
Weight - 195 lbs
Eyes - Brown
Hair - None

Portrayed by:

Faran Tahir


Iron Man

Raza was the leader of the terrorist group known as the Ten Rings located in the Afghan mountains. Although he led the group, he did infact work for an unknown leader not present.


He captures Tony Stark, who is in Afghanistan displaying his latest invention, the Jericho Missile. He wants Stark to build him one of the missiles for his own use. He was originally supposed to kill Stark, but the members of The Ten Rings seem to respect him. One of the calls Stark "The most famouse mass murdered in the history of america." the terrorist then goes on to say that he is "honored". Stark is told to build the missile and is given various Stark Industries weaposn to build the Jericho but instead builds the Iron Man Mark I and escapes. Raza survives Tony's escape and has the Mark I recovered and contacts Obadiah Stane who had given them Jericho's in return. Obadiah arrives and kills Raza while his team kills the rest of the Ten Rings and takes the Mark I with him.


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