Stark Industries Headquarters
Field: Missiles, military vehicles, weapons
Industry: Aerospace, Defense, Global Security


Tony Stark (Owner and CEO)
Howard Stark (Founder)


Los Angeles, USA




Iron Man
Iron Man 2

Stark Industries Headquarters is the main office and factory of Stark Industries. It is located in Los Angeles, California as so it's near to owner and CEO Tony Stark's house.


Earlier historyEdit

Iron ManEdit

After Tony Stark was kidnapped in Afghanistan and returned 3 months later, he held a press conference at Stark Industries HQ. Tired from a long journey, Tony asked the press and everybody else to sit down as he ate he cheeseburger and then revealed that Stark Industries will no longer produce weapons. Tony was looking over the main Arc Reactor at HQ when Obadiah Stane approached him and asked him what he was planning without producing weapons and Stark said reactor technology. Stane then asked to see Tony's miniture arc reactor in his chest which Tony showed him. After Tony realised that Stane was trying to take control of his company, he sent his PA Pepper Potts to his office to copy data on a removable device and foudn that Stane ordered Tony to be killed. Stane came to Tony's office and Pepper cunningly left with the device. Stane realising Pepper found the video, went to Tony's house and stole his mini arc reactor to power his own Iron Monger suit, based on the Iron Man Mark I. Pepper along with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Phil Coulson went to arrest Stane but he was too powerful for them. Tony arrived in a depowered Iron Man Mark III and battled Stane realising he couldn't match Stane, he asked Pepper to overload the main reactor. After taking Iron Monger to the sky to freeze his suit, Tony drained his power in his suit and stalled as Pepper blew the reactor killing Stane and powering up Tony's reactor. The next day, Tony held another press conference to deny he was the hero Iron Man told by S.H.I.E.L.D. to claim it was his bodyguard but Tony said he was Iron Man.


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