The Ten Rings are a Afghanistan terrorist organisation run by an unknown. They were hired by Obadiah Stane to kill Tony Stark with this faction run by Raza.

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Obadiah Stane meets with Raza, one of the leaders of the Ten Rings and arranges for him to kill a somebody who is with the United States Army in Afghanistan for a fee. The Ten Rings ambush the convoy on the way back to their base taking out the military and finding the person to be Tony Stark who is gravely injured. They order the already captive Ho Yinsen to save Stark, with him using an electromagnet hooked to a car abtteyr to keep the shrapnel from entering his heart. Abu Bakar was sent to tell Stark to build a Jericho Missile for the Ten Rings otherwise they would kill him. Stark refused and they tortured him before sending a message to Obadiah claiming that they were paid very little to kill Tony Stark. Stark agrees to build them a missile using the stores of stolden Stark Industries weapons to make one. Stark sets to work on building the missile but first builds a Mini arc reactor to replace the electromagnet. Stark then sets to work building a suit of armor to escape from the cave. After 3 months and no missile, Raza gets impatient and goes to see Stark personally and demands the missile by tomorrow, threatening to kill Yinsen. Stark and Yinsen complete the suit through the night and when a booby trap blows up the doors and kills the guards, Yinsen buys Stark time to charge up the suit and attacks the Ten Rings. Stark charges up the suit and takes out the guards and the Ten Rings with his suit. Raza tries to fire a missile at him but misses and is knocked out by falling debris as Stark finds Yinsen dying. Stark then escapes and destroys their stockpile of weapons and flees, leaving behind his damaged suit. Raza survived and recruits the Ten Rings to uncover Stark's suit and try and piece it back together. He contacts Stane who supplies him with Jericho Missiles as they attack and recruit more innocent people. Stark shows up in the Iron Man Mark III and kills the Ten Rings members. Stane flies to Afghanistan to see Tony's armor and realises his arc reactor powers his suit. Stane has his men kill the Ten Rings guards as he paralyzes Raza taking the suit with him.

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